New maintenance center with pooling of stocks and workshops for Buses + Trains

Objectives and Scope

Design and detailed planning of the new bimodal workshop. The maintenance workshops are designed for 11 FLIRTs (75 meters long) and 50 MUTZs (100 meters long) as well as for more than 200 city and regional buses (12, 18 and 24 meters). This includes small and heavy maintenance jobs, warehouses and workshops.


  • Project span 15 Months
  • Needs Analysis
  • Analysis and optimization of maintenance processes
  • Analysis and optimization of business processes
  • Dimension of the building (Simulation of block  layout)
  • Macro Layout
  • Detailed Layout
  • Optimization of the detailed design (Simulation of routes )


Despite a 10% increase in the number of flirting units, a 20% increase in productivity is expected.