50% Work in Progress reduction in machining and assembly workshops

Objectives and Scope

Because of its internal management mode, the company is working with large outstanding amounts that it has to finance  and which limits its room for maneuver. Management has asked Nicebe to carry out an operational diagnosis in production in order to reduce the net capital tied up in stocks and work in progress.


Project span : 1.5 months

  • Process mapping
  • Analysis of malfunctions with the client’s teams
  • Quantification of work in progress along the production chain
  • Development of future scenarios in terms of management mode
  • Quantification of savings by scenario
  • Evaluation and choice of a future management method
  • Definition of the necessary action plans and a timetable.


  • The selected variant shows a decrease in the NWC of 50% in less than 6 months
  • Another 15% has been won within the following 1.5 year.
  • A 6-axis project over 1.5 yeas is proposed to bring greater flexibility to production.