Concept and Realization of an Assembly Line

Objectives and Scope

The increase in production volumes forced the management to rethink the organisation in the assembly department.
Nicebe is in charge of establishing a concept to move from a “shopfloor” type organisation to an “assembly line” type organisation in line with future volumes and optimised operational processes.
A concept on a surface area of 2’000 m2 has been established in a participative way with the production teams.


Project span : 2 months
Analysis of the product structure (BOM cross-referenced with the operating ranges)
Assembly cell definition for assemblies
Definition of the central assembly line with its balanced steps
Definition of resources (production and storage areas, infrastructure, transport chassis)
Populating the lines according to the volume scenarios to be produced
Definition of training needs based on the competency matrix.


For the same surface area, the production capacity tripled, the lead times were divided by four (1 month to 1 week).