Check-up identifies a 40% potential space reduction in logistics to absorb growth

Objectives and Scope

In a very dynamic environment (electronic components for the automotive industry), the management wishes to establish a check-up of the operating areas of the Beijing plant, and to define action plans for the development of these areas over a 5-year horizon.
Nicebe to carry out a check-up during 6 weeks (2 weeks in Beijing).


  • Analysis of the current logistics areas
  • Analysis of current production areas
  • Analysis of current areas for administration
  • SWOT
  • Review of current requirements with optimized systems
  • Dimensioning of future surfaces on the basis of the future volume (simulation)
  • Definition of Layout variants in a participative way


  • A 40% reduction in logistics space allows to absorb growth.
  • In administration, the space gained allows for the creation of 60 additional workplaces.